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Yes, We design your thinking! Our Designers at ThinkUX will understand your needs and think creatively by keeping the technical aspects in the mind to deliver an amazing user experience for your product.

ThinkUX is a subsidiary of Think Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd. primarily focusing on the User Experience Design. Our team understands the need to design impeccable offerings that are bound to get your application users’ attention.

We at TFT, engage with the customers to learn the requirements and create beautiful experience in terms of Aesthetics, Functionality, Flexibility and Ease of use.

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We Trust Our Approach

  1. Understand

    Our first step is to understand the requirements & defining the use cases.

  2. Analyze & Research

    In second step, we analyze the competitors and research the market for the latest UX Trends.

  3. Sketch

    Next, we ideate, draw sketches and wireframes.

  4. Design

    Once Finalized, we work on creating the prototype and define UX guidelines.

  5. Implement

    In this step, we build an experience by implementing the funtionality.

  6. Evaluate

    All done! in this final step, we perform usability testing, create audit reports and identify improvements.

  7. Trust us, You will love it!

We have a vast portfolio of Services to offer you. To make your Product stand out

for Web and Mobile based Applications


Creating customer-focused user experiences (UX) that are engaging and deliver tangible business results. TFT helps brands navigate any and all facets of the digital landscape.


Creating User-focused and customer-centric experiences that deliver good looks to your applications, as a leading UI & experience design agency TFT helps brands unforgettable facets of today's, and tomorrow's, digital landscape.


Before creating a super experience for your product, We at TFT believe in creating the Information Architecture to understand the user flow and journey.


TFT helps to assist with sketching, wire-framing, and interactive prototyping, creating experiences to understand the product completely. This ensures we cover all the requirements.


TFT's rapid prototyping helps the product to get into the actual shape and interactions that ensure the completeness of the customer journey.


TFT's solution that helps design amazing graphics and illustrations for your mobile and web-based applications to ensure it gives an artistic look to your product.

  • - Experienced Resources
  • - Our people Love to DESIGN.
  • - We think design technically.
  • - We design for Human!

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